Foot Fetish

Do sexy feet turn YOU on?

Do You Have A Foot Fetish?

Not everyone thinks of feet in a sexy way but do a search for foot fetish and you'll get over 400,000 results which suggests that having a foot fetish isn't so obscure. We don't know the statistics in terms of how many adults are turned-on by feet but clearly plenty are. Judging by the content on various foot fetish websites many niche areas of interest with respect to feet and sexuality exist. We'll explore various aspects of foot fetishes and you're invited to join us on our exploratory journey.

Sexy Feet
Even if you don't have a formal foot fetish, you may be one of the great many people that think feet are sexy. What is it that makes some feet sexier or more attractive than others? I beleive that as with other aspects of beauty that is in the eye of the beholder. We are going to try to provide lots of pictures of sexy feet, sexy foot movies, stories about foot sex and other resources and information on sexy feet.